Writer : Savdesh Deepak

Directed by: Parminder Pal Kaur

I have seen a lot of plays but I am deeply impressed by the play, I witnessed on 27.06.03, Bal Bhagwan staged in the Central State Library, Patiala. It was no doubt a successful play. A play is the result of team work some people believe that the success of a good play depends on the story. The story of 'Bal Bhagwan' is written by Sh. Swadesh Deepak, I personally believe that storey must be a good one but real credit goes to the stage play which is the work of a Director Mrs. Parminder Pal Kaur, is the director of the play. The acting is natural, impressive and touching through play is very successful yet credit goes to the director in my opinion. The spectators were deply absorved in the performance of the actors. On the whole, the play is a successful attempt of Team work and stage play.

C.L. Verma