The Kala Kriti Patiala a vibrant theatre group engaged in creating awareness about various social evils such as exploitation of women and children, female feticide, environment, drug abuse etc. has been organizing seminars, open discussions, street plays and theatre shows on various social issues at different places in Punjab, Chandigarh & Delhi.

Setup with the sole aim of providing good and meaningful theatre and other form of literature and art. The group has done a lot of promoting national integration, social harmony and family reunion. Our aim is to spread awareness on social evils and its horrible consequences.

Parminder Pal Kaur

Social activist/Theatre Artist and Director

For any woman who wants to achieve something in life, my only advice to her would be to live up for her dreams and do not ever let any misery or financial crisis to disuade her from pursuing her goals. I have fought for woman's rights, against sexual harassment and injustices towards women all my life and let me tell the readers that there's nothing that can ever let you down unless you yourself don't believe in yourself.

Do not waste much time on enhancing external beauty. My idea of a woman's beauty is intelligence and confidence. My role model has always been my mother Sukhwant Kaur, who is a very strong and bold woman. She has been my support and ideal."