Adaptation of Tolstoy’s play "Power of Darkness", by Kirpal Kazak

Directed by: Gulzar Pawar

The story is based on the unequal class divisions, in this society, where the masses, poor landless/marginal farmers are exploited by the wealthy, rich, landlords. In this play, the young daughter of a poor farmer is married off to a wealthy, powerful landlord, who is too old to take care of the physical and emotional needs of his newly wedded wife. As circumstances have it, the young wife falls in love with a young farm labourer working for the landlord however, the young lady's love is not equally reciprocated by the labourer, who along with his mother, is stealing or exploiting the riches of the lady's household. As time passes the daughter of the landlord from an earlier marriage, grows and blossoms into a beautiful young girl and the farm labourer now falls for this girl and with the passage of time the landlord dies. Now, The farm labourer and his mother take the charge of this household & land holding in their hands, recklessly use the income for their ill purposes. Now dead landlord's wife reduced to a state of misery, He flirts with the landlords daughter openly without any inhibition shamelessly. But the landlady has different plans in her mind and she wants to marry off the landlord's daughter in a house of equal wealth and reputation and seeks to take revenge on this bad man & his mother. The landlord's daughter in the meanwhile gets pregnant. He also agrees with her to marry off landlord's daughter to a status household, which is in tune with the feudal system and would be accepted by society. However the biggest hurdle in the marriage of the landlord's daughter is the child she carries in her womb from the farm labourer. The farm labourer under intense pressure from the landlady, tries to get the foetus aborted.