Written and Directed by: Parminder Pal Kaur

Play KADON TAK is the tragic tale of an innocent woman who feels insecure in her own country, state and social environment.

The protagonist undergoes unspeakable agony unguish and shame as a result of the horrendous treatment meted out to her by her own people. Her shrieks and cries, and her blood stained tattered clothers speak volumes about here pitiable condition. Totally disillusioned and devastated, she desperately asks;" Is this the much-hyped Punjabi or Indian culture that we are so proud of?" How long, after all, how long will Sita face the Agni Pareeksha (the fire ordeal) and how long will Draupadi continue to the brazenly disrobed and dishonoured in this sacred land?

How long will man, nature and GOD watch the hunting of woman for the carnal gratification of the male animal in this jungle of the world? How long, O GOD, how long will this reign of tyranny, lust and shame continue?".