Written by: Kirpal Kazak

Directed by: Parminder Pal Kaur

This play is reflective of the times when the old feudal system is breaking away and false male ago and the pitiable state of women folk. The intense desire of men and families to have a male child to succeed them the feeling and emotions of women who are tragically suppressed and badly treated, thus giving a peep into this sorry state of affairs. On one hand are the traditions and practices of the bigoted feudal system and its evil designs/plans, which treat the women as merely a material object bought by someone and meant for pleasure and bearing a child while on the other hand, she is reflective of being helpless and victimized. But she also possesses feelings, emotions and desires and wants to live life to the maximum and of her choice, which is the birth right of every human being. However the heavy price that a tribal girl has to pay in order to fulfill her desires and live a life on her terms is the essence of this play and has been beautifully rendered on stage.