Written and Directed by: Parminder Pal Kaur

The Play Koi Dio Jawab is a heart rending story of a middle class family. It is the story of a woman who, after the death of her husband, leaves no stone unturned to realise the dreams of her husband about their children's future. She devotes all her energy and attention to make both ends meet and provide her children with the best of everything, especially education. But destiny had something else in store for her on entering the college the boy goes astray and falls into the trap of drug abuse. Her daughter too lured by a rich guy & influred by his money & power & tries to copy him. However her brother’s affluent friend crosses the limits of modesty.

The mother tries hard to save her family from disaster. But neither child listens to her. She stands as a mute spectator to her own distruction. In a state of deep agony, she asks herself, where did I go wrong? I struggled hard; I fed them properly; I never let them feel the absence of their father, I never thought of myself, Then why this happened to me? Then in desperation she asks the society custodians of to answer her question.