Written by: Chitra Modgil

Directed by: Parminder Pal Kaur

This play is based on Chitra Modgil's hindi novel Gilli Guddu the play 'Yeh Zindagi', adapted and directed by well known theatre personality Parminder Pal Kaur, is a heart reading tale of old people agony and pathos and loneliness in old age made alive through the protagonist Jaswant.

The play opens with the death of the Jaswant's wife and the sons unwillingness to perform the funeral rites and the Mundan Ceremony. The protagonist undergoes a series of humiliating experiences at the hands of his son and daughter when he is compelled to operate the bank locker to satisfy their lust for Gold and money.

The feeling of loneliness and alienation virtually plays with his life. Eventually he is compelled to seek shelter in his own native town with his servant.